Lakers: Ty Lue Explains What Propelled Kobe Bryant, LeBron James To Greatness

The Clippers head coach has a unique perspective on the two LA legends.

In speaking with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports, Los Angeles Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue touched on the psychotic drive that pushed Los Angeles Lakers legends Kobe Bryant and LeBron James to historic basketball heights. Lue, a former NBA point guard, of course was a one-time teammate of Bryant’s on the Lakers from 1998-2001. He won two titles with LA in that span. He then went on to serve as James’s head coach during The Chosen One’s second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lue was a midseason interim replacement for canned Cavs coach David Blatt during the 2015-16, and of course LeBron fans remember how that year ended.

Naturally, Robinson has a unique perspective as to what makes Bryant and ‘Bron tick.

Lue reflected on the killer instinct of his James. 

“I think every single day [while he coached James on the Cleveland Cavaliers], ‘Bron would be the first person in the gym, last person to leave,” Lue said. “Put his work in. I saw it for four years in Cleveland. We’d land, and if we get in at 2 o’clock in the morning, he’s still up at 6:30 doing his activation and all that stuff with his trainer Mike Mancias. Just the work he put into his body, every single day, the hard work on the court.”

Lue opined that “I think having a killer instinct and preparation and the hard work they put in” was a big reason for the success of both James and his former Lakers teammate, Bryant. “When you’re that elite & you’re that great it starts with hard work & dedication.”

Bryant, a 6’6″ shooting guard, was a Laker for the entirety of his NBA career, from 1996-2016. The 18-time All-Star won five championships with Los Angeles, as well as the 2008 MVP.

James, a 6’9″ combo forward, has won four NBA titles across stints with his three franchises. A 19-time All-Star and four-time MPV, James has been with the Lakers since the summer of 2018, winning his lone LA title in 2020.

LeBron’s Lakers won’t next face off against Lue’s Clippers until April 5th, near the end of the regular season.

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