Lakers News: Experts Consider LA And One Other Team Likeliest To Trade For Kyrie Irving

The Nets have less than a week to make up their mind.

When it comes to the race to acquire controversial Brooklyn Nets All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving, your Los Angeles Lakers are right at the top of the pack among the interested parties. After contract extension negotiations with Brooklyn soured, Irving upped the ante yesterday, demanding to be flipped by Thursday’s trade deadline, threatening to walk in free agency if he isn’t moved.

Naturally, a potpourri of emergency podcasts popped up in light of the latest Irving drama. O one of the best NBA pods out there, ESPN’s The Lowe Post, host Zach Lowe and guest Bobby Marks unpacked the big contenders for Irving’s services. 

“We can sit here and go through the deals, Bobby,” Lowe said. “Kyrie Irving for Russell Westbrook and a pick — Kyrie Irving and Joe Harris or whatever for Joe Harris and a pick, that’s not helpful to me as Kevin Durant. Kyrie Irving for Tim Hardaway Jr. and Christian Wood on an expiring deal, that’s not super helpful for me as Kevin Durant. Who knows if Christian Wood’s going to be on the team next year. Russell Westbrook [in an LA trade scenario] probably won’t be on the team next year. I don’t know where the hell Russell Westbrook will be.”

“If you asked me right now, I would probably take the Lakers and Dallas over the field for likely Kyrie destinations, with a couple of teams that make me wonder, but I think those two have to come in as — if this actually happens — those are the favorite, right?”

Marks concurred.

“So here’s the question: what do the Lakers even offer? If you’re Rob Pelinka, do you offer both the [first round draft] picks?” Lowe asked.

“No,” Marks responded.

“Okay so if the answer is no, and I agree with you the answer should be no, I just can’t mortgage everything for a guy whose reliability has been under fair scrutiny. So if the Lakers don’t offer both first round picks, if you’re [Nets team president] Sean Marks, and the offer is Russ and one pick, do you do it? Or do you just say, ‘Screw it, we’re playing it out, that’s just not worth it to us.'”

“I would probably play it out, I don’t think it’s worth it to you… Irving on the roster if he continues to play… gives them at least one more chance [to win] with Durant on the roster, compared to where Russell Westbrook is [in his career]’ … There’s a little bit of a discrepancy too with Westbrook and Irving’s salary, something else has got to come back. You know, you’re taking on some money tax-wise if I’m Brooklyn.”

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