Lakers: How Russell Westbrook-Anthony Davis Pick-And-Roll Helped LA Beat Knicks

The sixth man talked about his play-making skills were able to contribute to the overtime victory.

In Saturday night’s game against the New York Knicks, Russell Westbrook thrived late in overtime to help push the Los Angeles Lakers to a 129-123 win.

With Anthony Davis coming off his injury and back in the lineup, Westbrook and the big man bounced back into a groove with effective pick-and-roll action.

During a post-game interview, the sixth man talked about the play-making skills he showcased within the game: 

“Just figuring out what best works for the game. I had a smaller guy on me. Just controlled the game the best way I know how to.” 

The Lakers had plenty of similar situations in the past where they were unable to close out tough overtime games, but this time around, the Brodie was able to help the team take control past regulation.

Westbrook ended the night with 17 points while grabbing 6 rebounds and 8 assists. 

The former MVP discussed how he was able to remain locked in during overtime:

“Just executing. Getting the shot we want and getting stops. We got stops on demand, that was big for us down the stretch,” Westbrook said. “It felt like we had control of the game.”

The added size and depth of Rui Hachimura has certainly benefitted the team, as the forward also has the ability to command and control the court, as Westbrook touched upon. Execution remains the biggest goal for the Lakers.

With Hachimura in the mix, the Lakers’ main leader, LeBron James is now able to level his playing time while still producing just as he did against the Knicks, with 28 points and 10 rebounds. 

With a resilient win like this game under their belt, the Lakers continue to piece together their talent to amass more wins. 

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