Lakers: Draymond Green Thinks LA ‘Won’ Rui Hachimura Trade

He approved of the Lakers’ move.

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green likes to talk. He likes to talk on the court and he likes to talk off the court — it made a lot of sense when he started his podcast.

Green has received some criticism for his podcast, but for NBA fans who love to hear about the game from an inside perspective, the podcast is a great listen.

Recently, Green spoke on his podcast about the Lakers’ trade for 6-foot-8 forward Rui Hachimura. While some NBA insiders didn’t like the move for the Lakers, Green was very complimentary of LA’s side of the deal.

“The Lakers won the trade,” Green said. “The Lakers kind of have a logjam right there in the point guard spot with Dennis [Schröder], Pat Bev … and it just wasn’t working out for Kendrick Nunn.”

Green also mentioned Russell Westbrook and the emerging Max Christie as part of that “logjam” at the point guard position. But that was just the first reason the Lakers won the trade.

“I also felt like the Lakers know that they have to make some moves, and this is a way of doing it and still holding on to those two first-round picks that they haven’t wanted to get rid of.”

The Lakers were probably thrilled to make a good deal that didn’t involve losing a first-round pick. But that wasn’t all. Finally, Green praised Rui as the player, and what he’ll bring to the Lakers’ team.

“The Rui trade is very good for the Lakers because any time you can get length and athleticism, it’s always helpful. Rui can defend multiple positions, and Rui can stretch the floor and knock the three down.”

Obviously observers of the game can give their thoughts on a deal, but it’s nice to hear an NBA veteran praise LA for the move. He’s played against Hachimura, and played against the Lakers team as a whole. If Draymond thinks Hachimura will fit well on the Lakers, then Laker fans should feel very good about the move, too. And so far, Hachimura has fit in just perfectly.

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