Lakers: Watch Dennis Schröder Sink One of the Greatest Half-Court Shots of All-Time

This is a shot you’ll have to see to believe.

The Los Angeles Lakers appeared to be heading into the half down by four to the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. That was, of course, before Dennis Schröder had something to say about that.

Right before the half, the Knicks put in a basket with 3.3 seconds left. The in-bounds pass went to LeBron James, who clearly wanted to preserve his field-goal percentage. So he threw a pass to Schröder with one second left, who didn’t even have time to set his feet.

Schröder caught the ball, looked at the basket and fired a flat-footed shot from halfcourt — and you’ll never guess what happened next. Yes, Schröder knocked it down. And he didn’t only known it down, he banked it in.

There have been a lot of incredible shots at MSG, but this one definitely has to be up there for one of the best — or at least the craziest.

Half-court shots are always special, but when they’re as nonchalant as Schröder’s, they deserve a little extra praise. Schröder didn’t even want to watch the ball after it left his hands. He turned his back before it went down, and then looked back at the basket just before it went down. The reactions from Schröder and Immanuel Quickley were pretty awesome. 

The Lakers now trail by just one at the half, and will hope to keep the momentum of Schröder’s shot in the second-half. What a fun way to head into halftime.

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