Lakers: Three Brooklyn Trades LA Could Pursue, For The Present And Future

There are definitely some trades for LA to consider.

The Los Angeles Lakers are getting set to take on the Brooklyn Nets on Monday in the Barclays Center. Like we always do here at All Lakers, ahead of tonight’s game, we’re matching up the Nets and Lakers for a few trades the teams could consider ahead of the deadline. Let’s jump right in:

Ben Simmons-LeBron James Pairing Finally Comes to Fruition

One of the most highly talked about trades over the last few seasons has been something that brought Ben Simmons to a LeBron James-led team. Simmons shares an agent with James in Rich Paul at Klutch Sports, and LeBron has long talked about playing with a player he’s always liked. If there was ever a time to make it work, it may be this season.

A trade revolving around Simmons and Russell Westbrook would make a lot of sense for both sides, as the Nets would be able to get off the remaining two-plus years of Simmons’ contract. He’ll be getting $37.8 million next season, and over $40 million in 2024, before he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2025. The Nets would be clearing that room with an expiring contract in Westbrook’s, and could then build next offseason around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, who they’re expected to sign to a long term extension. The Nets would likely want a first-round pick in the deal, too.

Lakers Get Another Shooter

It’s no secret the Nets want to trade Joe Harris. He’s due $18 million this year and next, and is taking up pretty valuable cap space the Nets could use elsewhere. The Lakers would be happy to take Harris off Brooklyn’s hands, as he’s a career 43.6 percent shooter from three. This year, he’s shooting 40.4 percent from deep, which is his lowest since the 2016-17 season — but still, that would be third-best on the Lakers after Thomas Bryant and Max Christie. 

Something revolved around Patrick Beverly and a little more (Damian Jones) would make the money work, and the Nets may want some second-round pick compensation, too. But Harris would be a nice fit as a three-point specialist in the Lakers’ rotation, and they could trade him in the offseason when he’ll be an expiring contract heading into next year.

Lakers Pair LeBron and Curry

The Nets have another sharpshooter on the block in Seth Curry, who would fit perfectly on this Lakers’ roster, and, better than Harris, will be a free agent after this season. The money wouldn’t work in a one-for-one swap (with draft picks) for Beverly, but the Lakers could do some maneuvering, whether it be with a third team or taking someone like Patty Mills, too.

Curry is a career 43.9 percent three-point shooter, and, this season, is averaging 43.8 percent from deep. He would instantly elevate the Lakers’ three-point abilities, and wouldn’t clog up the books next season. The Lakers currently rank 26th in the league with a 33.6 percent clip from deep. Curry (and Mills) would really help.

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