Lakers News: Showtime Laker Pinpoints Exact Reason LA Lost To Boston

The four-time champ shares his thoughts on the Lakers’ tough overtime loss.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ loss against the Boston Celtics was affected by a singular missed foul call on LeBron James. This missed call had the potential to alter the outcome of Saturday night’s game, in which Los Angeles ultimately walked away with the 125-121 loss

There were 5 seconds remaining in regulation when the game was tied up 105-105. The four-time NBA champion drove to the bucket and was hit on the arm by Jayson Tatum, but the referees did not call it. 

The missed call had many players and former players talking, including showtime Laker, James Worthy. He shared his thoughts following the tough loss on Spectrum SportsNet:

“That particular play right there determined the outcome of the game, whether the Lakers were going to win or lose, it was that play.”

Once the game headed into overtime, Los Angeles had a hard time coming back from the meltdown.

“The Lakers didn’t fare very well. You saw LeBron— he didn’t have anything else after that. When you’re battling against five on eight, it takes time to conjure that momentum up again and by the time they were able to get something going in overtime, it was too late.”

Worthy continued to touch on how pathetic and embarrassing such inconsistent calls are for the league and their referees, especially as one referee during Saturday’s game stood in clear view under the hoop. With as critical as a play that was, the no-call was certainly unacceptable.

Los Angeles was robbed of a win with this one and the team now falls to 23-27 this season. 

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