Lakers: Darvin Ham Offers Rare Criticism Over Inconsistent Officiating In Celtics Game

Lakers head coach expresses his frustration towards refs following Saturday nights loss

It was a brutal and frustrating Saturday night for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers dropped a close game against their arch-rivals Boston Celtics, in overtime, 125-121. 

It was not a walk in the park for the purple and gold, as everyone can’t seem to stop talking about the botched no-call by the lead referee, Eric Lewis. 

After the game, head coach Darvin Ham couldn’t help but express his frustrations toward the referees. 

“I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but as much as you try to not put it on officiating, it’s becoming increasingly difficult. There’s a bunch of stuff we could’ve did better in this game, but for the most part, we competed our behinds off, played the right way, played together, stayed aggressive… and it’s unfortunate the game ends on a play like that. You don’t ask for favoritism, you just ask for consistency.” 

This is not the first time this has happened to the Lakers; heck, this is not even the third time it’s happened to the Lakers. This is the FOURTH time a referee’s no-call has impacted the end of a Lakers game, and they all resulted in a loss. 

Lewis, the lead referee, later admitted that there was contact, and he and the crew missed the play. 

We all saw LeBron James’ frustration immediately after the play, and later told the media, “It’s challenging. I don’t get it.” 

Anthony Davis simply put the non-calls as “unacceptable.”

The NBA and its referees need to do a better job of judging these calls in the game, and please, for the love of God, stop releasing the Last Two Minute Reports. It helps no one and only makes fans and teams even more frustrated. 

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