Lakers News: LeBron James’s I Promise School Kicks Off First-Ever Sports Season

The Lakers star continues to utilize his platform to give back within his hometown.

Los Angeles Lakers All-Star LeBron James has become one of the greatest NBA players of our time, as he is often debated in all-time league GOAT conversations with fellow elite athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, among others.

Beyond the numerous ways he has impacted the game and regardless of which stance you take about who is the overall best player in history, we can all agree on one thing: his high level of commitment to the community. 

The four-time NBA champion has been having an outsized social impact spanning beyond just the world of basketball.

One of James’s most valuable contributions is the I Promise School he opened in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The school is a joint venture between the LeBron James Family Foundation and the Akron Public Schools system. 

In 2018, the 18-time All-Star helped found the school to provide underserved children opportunities within a community that often lacks resources. As a native of Akron, he recognizes how children can veer towards the wrong path if not given sufficient support.

Among the ways in which he hopes to equip children with quality education and attention, the I Promise School implements longer school days, STEM curriculum, an on-campus Family Resource Center, as well as wraparound supports that focus on both academics and character building.

Keeping in mind the entirety of a children’s educational career, the students who qualify for IPS also get a tuition-free college scholarship to either the University of Akron or Kent State University.

Athletics has emerged as yet another way James aims to offer children positive developmental avenues. Recently, he kickstarted the education facility’s sports division.

James took to Instagram to make the announcement and voice his excitement. 

The Laker star received praise from many fans, who overall commended the move.

The four-time NBA MVP may be known as the King on the court, but he similarly serves a powerful role within his hometown, as he continues to inspire and push progress. 

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