Lakers: Bill Simmons Proposes Fascinating New Potential Russell Westbrook Trade Destination

Perhaps the Lakers are still interested in trading away Russell Westbrook?

The Lakers have looked better, but clearly there is much more work to do. Trade talks will continue to circulate around Russell Westbrook with sports analyst Bill Simmons coming up with a new idea for a trade package.

What Westbrook has been doing since coming off the bench has propelled the Lakers into the right direction, but the team still owes Westbrook $47.1 million. While Westbrook has been playing on this hot streak, his value continues to rise giving the Lakers more options for some deals before letting him walk at the end of the season.

A new idea revolves around the Chicago Bulls. A trade that will send the Lakers a guard and big man but will have to still be ok with sending over two first round picks with Westbrook (via The Ringer).

“(Demar) Derozan and (Nikola) Vucevic to the Lakers for Russ and Two Firsts. Make the ’27 unprotected and makethe ’29 top-five protected. If you’re the Lakers and you’re going to keep (Anthony) Davis, which I think is insane but it seems like they’re going to, if you’re gonna have LeBron, and the West is wide open so you can talk yourself into it. What happens if the trade doesn’t work? (Rob) Pelinka gets fired. He gets fired anyway.”

Do the Lakers value their draft picks over proven players? This is the question left before the team decides to make any huge moves. 

Perhaps the season is already lost and championship aspirations can wait until next season. Or, the Lakers make what they can in what could be some of the last few good seasons left for LeBron James

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