Lakers Rumors: LA Exploring Trade Options Centered Around Beverley and Nunn

Perhaps trades circled around Russell Westbrook are no longer a priority?

The Lakers have been playing better basketball but are far from where they need to be. Since moving Russell Westbrook to the sixth man, the Lakers have been firing on all cylinders but there are still some moves the team can make.

Of the new developments, Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nunn as multiple reports said the Lakers will start exploring options December 15. A Westbrook trade package still isn’t out of the question, especially with such a large contract they can get rid of, but it’s looking more likely Beverley and Nunn will be in a possible package. 

Beverley and Nunn can provide some depth while also giving more cap space to some underperforming contracts (via Jovan Buha, The Athletic).

With the Lakers’ needs for additional size on the wing and a better complimentary big next to Anthony Davis, along with the roster’s glut of small guards, Beverley and/or Nunn are expendable. Packaged together, the Lakers could acquire a player or players in the $20 million range.

While the Lakers stars have been able to hold their own, the aging roster keep it up for an entire season is not a bet worth taking. While a Westbrook trade still isn’t ruled out, perhaps a rejuvenated Westbrook is what the team needs to continue their success.

Or, if Westbrook continues to play at this level, his value continues to rise up and perhaps the team won’t have to give up two first round picks with Westbrook to find the true value they are looking for. 

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