Lakers News: LeBron James Acknowledges Adjustment To Declining Athleticism

Spending 20 seasons in the league will take a toll on any athlete

What Lakers forward LeBron James continues to do is truly amazing. James entered his 20th season in the league and is officially entering uncharted territory as he still continues to average over 25 points a game despite being one of the oldest players in the league.

Throughout his career, James was widely regarded as one of the greatest pure athletes to ever play sports and remained someone teams constantly feared when facing the superstar. Now, while his athleticism is still good enough to lock him onto an NBA team, for his own standards they have taken a steady decline.

This of course comes with the wear and tear of the NBA and being 38 years old. What James lacks in athleticism he has been able to make up with taking care of his body and working on his complete craft. 

James learns to find other ways to remain effective for the Lakers (via Spectrum SportsNet).

“I don’t have to rely on super duper athleticism to be effective. My first 12 years of my career I was super duper athletic and I can not be as efficient and not be as dialed in on the actual game of basketball. I can go out and just figure things out. I’m also smart enough to know that in order to be the best player I can be I needed to grow my game. A lot of teams and coaches I played against helped me out a lot. I knew in order to be the best player I can be and be the greatest player of all time, I need no weakness.”

James is no stranger to taking care of his body and if he wants to break the all-time scoring record he will continue preparing as he always has. Until then, hopefully James doesn’t take any serious declines or some down with season altering injuries as the Lakers continue to find their traction. 

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