Lakers News: L.A.’s Pace Issues Criticized By Russell Westbrook

The Lakers slow start ended up costing them the game

The win streak came to a screeching halt as the Lakers lost their sixth game of the season to the Jazz. The Lakers defense was put on blast, but most of the momentum was lost during the first half. 

The Lakers offense has come alive since pushing Russell Westbrook to the bench and the Lakers managed to score 64 points in just the first half alone. However, the Jazz stayed relentless and the defense the Lakers have been showing since the beginning of the season soon became nonexistent. 

The Lakers gave up 75 points in the first half which is the exact opposite formula for winning ball games. The pace of the game stuck out like a soar thumb leaving Westbrook to give his thoughts on the slow start to the night (via Spectrum SportsNet). 

“They just stated off playing a lot faster than us. a step slow and it showed. we tried to pick it up in the second half but we put ourselves in a bad position early.”

The Lakers show glimpses of their energy, but it doesn’t help when one of the starts on your team is a 37 year old LeBron James. This isn’t to take away any of the great things he does on the court. but the younger and more energetic teams of the league can easily figure out the formula to stop the Lakers. 

The team needs to get back to playing tough defense, but of course we can refrain from overreacting after just one game. 

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