Lakers News: Can Russell Westbrook Keep Up The Good Vibes As A Reserve?

Russell Westbrook stepping down to a reserve role helped notched the Lakers first win of the season

It isn’t all rainbow and sunshine when playing in the NBA, and the Lakers were definitely in the thick of it. The team needed to make some adjustments and may have found their answer with Lakers guard Russell Westbrook coming off the bench.

It’s never an easy task for a high caliber player like Westbrook to fully embrace such a role, but Westbrook seems to be taking it all in stride. In just his second game coming off the bench, Westbrook recorded 18 points, eight rebounds and eight assists while shooting 6-12 from the field including 2-4 from the 3-point line. 

The talent is clearly there for Westbrook and he is going to let the good vibes continue rolling (via Spectrum SportsNet).

“One thing that will never let happen is people outside my family, my people that support me, take my joy. I always had fun and embraced this game and the gift of being able to go out and compete. Winning makes you feel better about yourself and losing is not as much fun. I love seeing my teammates first. I get a joy of seeing others do great. Tonight was that night when guys were making shots and that’s all you can ask for.”

Westbrook has accomplished much in his Hall of Fame career and the final accolade on his checklist is to win an NBA championship. The mentality of Westbrook not letting anything slow him down and doing whatever the team needs is exactly the championship mentality the team needs moving forward. 

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