Lakers News: How LeBron James Feels About Anthony Davis

Training camp week for L.A. is undefeated thus far with declarative statements of friendship.

Training camp week for yours Los Angeles Lakers is undefeated thus far in terms of its overflow of emphatic friendship declarations.

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Best friendship is apparently flourishing amongst your Los Angeles Lakers during what’s been a quote-heavy training camp week.

Beyond the unlikely tandem of early morning exercise maniacs Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook, star forwards LeBron James and Anthony Davis also have enjoyed a close and supportive friendship during their three seasons (and counting) as Lakers teammates.

At least, according to LeBron James.

In a post-practice interview today on Spectrum SportsNet, James discussed the duo’s relationship:

“I’m happy to be his teammate, extremely proud to be his best friend,” James said. “He would say I’m not his best friend but I’m [going to] take it with me. I’m his best friend I don’t care what he says,” James chuckled. 

Maybe they’re not really best friends, just good friends (also, we here at All Lakers though LeBron’s best friend Dwayne Wade, no?), but that’s still fun to hear. James certainly seemed more sincere when he said, “It’s just an honor for me to be teammates with such a great player and even a better person.”

Here’s hoping that all these friendship translate to on-court chemistry for what looks to be a somewhat mismatched team light on shooting and defense but possibly dangerously heavy on ego. Forging close bonds amongst each other is a great way to develop buy-in to a team concept, especially where Beverley and Westbrook are concerned (at least, for as long as Westbrook remains a Laker this year).

That James and Davis are close comes as no surprise, though it could mean that LBJ would throw water on any potential front office A.D. trade proposals this year.

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