Lakers News: Brian Windhorst Predicts When LA Will Make ‘significant’ Trade

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst forecasted when he thinks the Lakers will have executed a big trade.

All offseason, NBA insiders, analysts, and pundits have predicted that the Lakers are destined for the play-in tournament in a loaded Western Conference this coming season. On paper, the current Lakers roster, although seemingly better than last summer’s puzzling roster, will struggle to stay at the top of the table in the West.

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Reports have surfaced this month that general manager Rob Pelinka is feverishly pursuing trade options for Russell Westbrook, and that likely hasn’t changed, even with the Nets announcing that they’re moving forward with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

In a recent podcast appearance on Lakers Talk, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst predicted when the Lakers will make a “significant” trade happen.

“My guess is, by February, the Lakers will have made a significant trade. I don’t know who it will be for. I just don’t know for sure. Just because the Nets may have a certain position today, doesn’t mean they’ll feel that way in six weeks. Doesn’t mean they’ll feel that way in three months.”

The insider also commented how, due to the Lakers limited trade assets, they have to ensure they hit on any trade involving their pair of future first-round draft picks. 

“The Lakers may just have to remain patient. I think, the message the Lakers have sent is that they’re willing to pay to upgrade the roster bu they do not want to pay to just trade off Russell Westbrook. Their mission is not to just trade Russ. They want to pay to significantly improve their team.”

Significantly improving the roster and making a trade for the sake of making a trade are two very different things.

Pelinka’s recent roster construction track record is questionable to say the least, even if you exclude the Westbrook trade that LeBron and Anthony Davis pushed for over acquiring Buddy Hield, but Pelinka only has one shot.

That he can’t afford to miss. 

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