Lakers: Watch Fan Ruthlessly Troll Ben Simmons by Calling Him Russell Westbrook

One NBA fan did his best to try to embarrass Nets forward Ben Simmons by repeatedly calling him “Russell Westbrook”. The fan’s probably a Lakers fan?

The NBA is an ever-changing beast these days. Superstar players seemingly move from team-to-team in a blink of an eye, but there’s always one constant – NBA Twitter takes no prisoners no matter who you are or what team you play for. Much maligned forward Ben Simmons has been a frequent target for NBA fans, as has Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

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Earlier this week, one NBA fan went out of his way to troll Ben Simmons after recognizing the forward, who sat out the entire 2021-2022 season for a myriad of…interesting reasons, and did it by roasting another polarizing player, Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

In the video, the fan walks right up to Simmons, gives him a fist bump, and starts roasting the three-time All-Star and Westbrook simultaneously. 

“Oh my god it’s you bro. Russell Westbrook bro! Oh my god bro. Russell Westbrook bro!”

Someone accompanying Simmons starts to suggest it’s time to leave, but that didn’t stop the fan from continuing to jab at the Nets forward and Westbrook.

“Hold up bro. I ain’t playing with you bro. I ain’t playing with you bro, Russell Westbrook bro. Can’t shoot bro, I’m sorry bro. Westbrook bro.”

As the fan exited the store, he topped it all off with a “I love you bro”, but that clearly, was not the case.

To his credit, Simmons and the other individual appeared to handle it all pretty well by sending the fan out with, “have a nice day.”. 

They surely didn’t mean it, but the fan didn’t believe most of what he said himself either.

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