Lakers News: Former GM Notes Intriguing Detail of LeBron James’ Extension

LeBron signed a huge extension but an NBA analyst pointed out he doesn’t have a no-trade clause

Earning $532 million in guaranteed money in a playing career is enough to make anyone smile. For Lakers forward LeBron James, we are hoping to see those smiles translate into more  championships before it’s all said and done.

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The extension makes history, with James earning the most guaranteed money ever, but an analyst noticed an interesting detail of the extension. James signed a two-year extension, with a player option for the second year (2024-2025) but James’ extension doesn’t include a no-trade clause, despite LeBron qualifying for one.

This leaves some fans scratching their heads on how the front office may truly feel about James’ abilities moving forward, or alternatively whether or not James is fully committed to staying with LA until the end of his career.

Of course this is all up for speculation, but it would be hard for James to get traded to a new team before the end of his career. With the amount of money he agreed to, James figures to remain a happy man in LA.

A remaining factor would also be if whether or not his son, Bronny, will one day play in the NBA. James has made it clear he wants to play with his son and if all goes according to plan, Bronny would be eligible for the 2024 draft. Bronny could be a factor in whether or not LeBron exercises the option based on future conversations with the Lakers front office about whether or not they’re willing to draft his oldest son.

This is something many teams should keep an eye on as James will want to make history playing with his son. 

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