Lakers: Watch LeBron James’ Wife Savannah Lose It on Superstar Over Track Suit

LeBron and Savannah James had a hilarious moment that the Lakers forward decided to upload to his Instagram account.

LeBron James was at it again on social media over the weekend. The Lakers superstar posted a video showing off his new green sweat suit for the “LeBron 20” as he called it in reference to next season being his 20th season in the NBA. The suit featured the years he’s played for each of the three franchises he’s played for, complete with “Nike Patent” emblazoned below the team years. Savannah James was not impressed.

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While James was filming, Savannah asked LeBron about renewing their vowels and like many husbands do, James was half listening and instead admiring himself in his new green sweat suit. 

Whether he it was intentional aloofness for the camera, or just a genuine moment of LeBron having his head in the clouds is anybody’s guess, but either way, Savannah did not take kindly to her husband’s antics.

After an eye-roll and urging LeBron not to record their conversation, the video abruptly ends with what appears to be Savannah knocking the phone right out of LeBron’s hands.

Honestly, it’s oddly refreshing to see LeBron, at times, is just like any husband – more focused on whatever he’s doing rather than fulling engaging in a conversation regarding future plans with his wife.

The Lakers forward is currently eligible for a contract extension with LA and the two sides met last week and reportedly had a “productive” discussion about James’ future with the team.

Safe to say, Savannah and LeBron have definitely had a conversation or two about it, and it’s probably one that the 18-time All-Star paid a little more attention too.

Unless he was wearing his new sweat suit.

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