Lakers: Member of ’20 Title Team Says Showtime Squad Would Dominate in this Era

2020 NBA Champion Kyle Kuzma says the ’80’s Lakers would be superior no matter what era they play in.

Many people who talk basketball and share their thoughts on social media love to compare eras. Which era was better? Can this player still be successful in that era? And all that kind of jibber jabber.

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It’s so tough to compare due to the advancement of the game, how different the game was played in each era, and the officiating style.

However, when it comes to the Showtime Lakers, there’s no question that they would thrive in any era when you ask former Laker champion, Kyle Kuzma.

 “I believe that the showtime Lakers they would f—–g dominate this era, I was watching Magic [Johnson] in the 80s, he’s highlights like earlier in the summer, people don’t realize he was fast as s–t. No, no, he was fast as hell. He was getting the rebound, [then] up the court in three dribbles. And that’s the NBA now. Right or wrong?”

Kuzma made an appearance on Draymond Green’s podcast, The Draymond Green Show and shared his thoughts on comparing eras. Green and Kuzma both agreed that it is “dumb” to compare eras because of how the game has changed and evolved.

The former Laker had some high praise for former Lakers President of Basketball Operations and Laker legend Magic Johnson. Kuzma was drafted by the Nets in 2017 and was then acquired by the Johnson led front office, along with Brook Lopez, for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov.

The Wizards forward was traded by the Lakers last off-season for Russell Westbrook. The 27-year-old averaged 17.1 PPG, 8.5 RPG and 3.5 APG in his first year in Washington.

The Michigan native is clearly has respect for the previous NBA generations and recognizes greatness when he sees it. 

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