Lakers Rumors: Insider Reveals LA’s Offer for Myles Turner & Buddy Hield

NBA reporter Marc Stein provided his intel on what the Lakers have offered so far in a potential deal with the Pacers that includes Buddy Hield and Myles Turner.

At the height to the Kyrie Irving-Lakers rumors, time and time against draft compensation from the Lakers appeared to be a significant factor in why a deal hadn’t been made. Over the last few days, the Lakers seem to set their sights on Buddy Hield, the player they came oh-so-close to trading for last summer before infamously opting to acquire Russell Westbrook.

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Last week, The Athletic’s Bob Kravitz reported that a potential trade between the Pacers and Lakers that would have involved Russell Westbrook, Myles Turner, and Buddy Hield was “dead”. 

On Monday, veteran NBA reporter Marc Stein provided his intel on what the Lakers had offered Indiana to entice them to take on Westbrook.

T”he precise draft compensation that the Lakers have pitched to this point is not yet known in full, but my best approximation is that they have made one of their two future first-round picks available in combination with multiple (likely two) second-rounders.”

Stein then added, but did not confirm, that there are some in the industry who believe the Lakers were open to including both of their future first-round picks in a deal.

“It has been reported elsewhere that the Lakers are prepared to surrender one of their oft-discussed available firsts (in 2027 and 2029) with little-to-no-protections in such a deal, but I need to stress that I haven’t heard such specificity yet from my own sources.”

With the Nets in no apparent hurry to move on from Kevin Durant, and in turn, Kyrie Irving, there’s a chance the Lakers settle for Myles Turner and Buddy Hield.

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