Lakers: Ham Explains Why Anthony Davis, Not LeBron James, is LA’s Centerpiece

New Lakers head coach Darvin Ham reveals why he believes that Anthony Davis, not LeBron James, is the key to the Lakers championship hopes.

The Lakers 2020 championship seems like a lifetime ago. The stain of a dreadful 49-loss season quickly wiped away any remaining aurora of the Lakers latest championship. LA’s 2021 playoff exit was a tough pill to swallow for fans, but it was infinitely more palatable than missing the playoffs entirely this past season. One big reason for their short-lived 2021 playoff run and disappointing 2021-2022 season was the health of Anthony Davis.

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Lakers head coach Darvin Ham has said and done all the right things since being introduced as the new head coach of the purple and gold. He’s championed Russell Westbrook, sung the praises of LeBron James, and backed Anthony Davis every step of the way so far.

In a recent appearance on the All the Smoke Podcast, Ham continued his optimism that the triumvirate of Westbrook, Davis, and LeBron can help lead the Lakers back to title contention. Ham explained why he believes the Lakers title hopes rest on the shoulders of AD.

“This is not going to work without AD. No disrespect to Bron, no disrespect to Russ. They’re going to be who they are. Bron is going to continue to be great, Russ is going to have a much, much better season, but AD, having AD available, especially with the guys we just signed, the young guys, it’s going to be invaluable. He’s the centerpiece to that championship table we’re trying to build.”

Ham also provided his take on Davis’ talent ceiling in the greater landscape of a NBA league that’s never been more loaded with great players.

“His skill set is undeniable. Like you said, when he’s healthy, like he was in 2020 in that bubble run, he’s top five in the league. Easy…top three. He’s another.”

The Lakers head coach didn’t shy aware from Davis’ injury history and highlighted how it’s his goal to ensure that the All-NBA big man stays healthy.

History has shown that a healthy Davis, paired with a healthy LeBron, and surrounded with sound rotation players, can be a championship team.

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