Lakers News: Steph Curry Roasts LA and Rob Pelinka at ESPYs

Warriors guard Steph Curry mercilessly crushed Rob Pelinka and the Lakers for their dreadful season at the ESPYs.

Earlier this week, Steph Curry became the second NBA player to host the ESPYs. Lakers superstar LeBron James hosted the ESPN award show back in 2007. Like many high profile award shows, the host gets to take a few jabs at their fellow celebrities and, or, athletes. Curry did just that by trolling the Lakers and vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka.

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Curry started out by complimenting the Rams for winning a Super Bowl by supplementing their existing talent with older veterans, like outside linebacker Von Miller. Then, Curry took his shot at the Lakers and the front office’s decision to sign scores of over-the-hill veterans last summer. As Lakers fans know, the strategy didn’t pay off as LA missed the play-in tournament and finish 11th in the Western Conference.

“Super Bowl champions! I know that sounds great. It was so inspiring watching y’all play, watching y’all win a Super Bowl, watching y’all celebrate. And it’s just inspiring to see that strategy of buying old superstars pay off for a local team around here.”

The 2022 NBA Finals MVP followed his jab with haymaker targeted at Pelinka.

“Hey, Mutombo! Where you at? I hear you’re looking for a 10-day [contract]? Yes? Or no, no, no no! I’ll let Rob Pelinka know.”

It’s never easy to stomach a dreadful season for Lakers fans, especially one where LA was a complete non-factor in the playoffs, but to have a Bay Area superstar do it on a nationally televised event, was just more salt in the wound. 

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