Lakers News: Did Russell Westbrook and Bronny James Squash Lebron-Russ the Beef?

Russell Westbrook and Bronny James embraced at a AAU travel tournament, something, or nothing?

One of the biggest headlines from Las Vegas Summer League was Russell Westbrook and LeBron James seemingly ignoring each other at a Lakers game. Despite both sitting court side, neither publicly acknowledged each other which led to an avalanche of speculation about the current state of the LeBron-Westbrook.

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This week, a report by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports stated that LeBron, Westbrook, and Anthony Davis met over the phone to express “their commitment to one another” and “vowing to make it work” this coming season. 

Perhaps the Lakers leaked the information to try to smooth things over after the Las Vegas headlines, but on Tuesday, there was another indication that the LeBron-Westbrook relationship might not be as strained as it may seem.

Bronny James, LeBron James’ oldest son, and Russell Westbrook shared a heartfelt embrace at the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League Peach Jam tournament this week. 

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To be fair, it could mean absolutely nothing as far as the LeBron-Westbrook relationship. Bronny might have a very different opinion of Russ than his father or, just wanted to say hello to a future NBA Halll-of-Famer.

Various reports have stated that LeBron is all for the Lakers trading for Nets guard Kyrie Irving. In order to make that dream a reality, the Lakers would have to trade Westbrook, which seems like something James is more than happy to do.

It might have just been a quick hug between Bronny James and Russ, or maybe things between the two Lakers stars aren’t as tenuous as they seem.

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