Lakers: Nets Demand 3-Team Trade in Any Talks Involving Russell Westbrook

The Nets want a third team involved in any trade involving the Lakers, Russell Westbrook, and Kyrie Irving.

The Lakers-Kyrie Irving rumors are still in full swing as Los Angeles is still searching for a way to acquire the 30-year-old from Brooklyn. However, the Nets have made it widely known that they are unwilling to take on Russell Westbrook’s expiring contract which sits at $47.1 million for this season. If any such deal is to be made, the Nets have stressed that a third team needs to be involved to take on Westbrook. 

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NBA reporter Marc Stein noted Brooklyn’s borderline insistence that a third team will have to be involved in any potential Kyrie deal.

“The Lakers’ preferred scenario, to be clear, is still trading for Irving, but the Nets A) appear focused on nailing down a Durant trade before pressing for Irving’s exit and B) have expressed great reluctance regarding any trade with the Lakers that doesn’t involve a third team willing to take on Westbrook’s contract (which Brooklyn does not want).”

Despite freeing up space if they were to send off Kevin Durant and Irving, Brooklyn wants nothing to do with the former MVP. His production has declined over the years and it’s been documented by many that he is difficult to work with, on and off the court.

It’s intriguing hear such news circling as Westbrook, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis recently communicated with each other for the first known time this offseason. The trio of high profile Lakers players discussed their commitment to playing with one another and seeing what they can do to make things click this season after everything fell apart for the Lakers last year. 

Still, it’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds moving forward and whether Westbrook will truly stay in Los Angeles for one more season.

If he does get traded, chances are, it won’t be to Brooklyn.

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