Lakers: Watch LeBron James’ Devastating Fadeaway in Saturday’s Drew League Game

Lakers forward LeBron James returns to the Drew League and does not disappoint

The Return of the King. Lakers forward LeBron James gave the Drew League fans exactly what they were looking for as he finished with 42 points, 16 rebounds, four assists and three steals. James worked his way to a narrow victory but not without supplying a handful of highlights. 

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Kyrie Irving was expected to also show up to the Drew League, but backed out last-minute. This didn’t stop James from putting on a show. 

James teamed up with Chicago Bulls guard Demar Derozan, who finished with 26 points. The two together would create a flurry of highlights together which included a shovel pass to James for the two handed dunk. 

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James and Derozan would take turns showing off their talents and skills. Derozan exploited the defense with his always pure mid-range jumpshot, but James wanted to show off his craft as well. 

Paying homage to the late great Kobe Bryant, James sized up his defender as he dribble up the court. James would quickly work his way near the post before knocking down a back shoulder fadeaway. 

We don’t have to think far to find out where James learned such an iconic fadeaway like that.

Despite the level of play between James and Derozan, the game came down to James having to knockdown two free throws. James went on to make one and keep it at a two-point game, but his team came up with the final stop of the game to secure the narrow victory. 

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