Lakers News: Pau Gasol Tweets Out Letter to Kobe Bryant

The sudden passing of Kobe Bryant along with daughter Gigi and 7 others, was a difficult pill to swallow for fans not only in Los Angeles but worldwide. People mourned the loss in their own ways, whether it be painting murals, visiting Staple Center, or even crying from the pain. It’s amazing to see the influence he had on those who watched him from afar.

One can only imagine the pain felt by those who were closest to him, especially with the one-year anniversary of that tragic day. On Tuesday morning, Pau Gasol gave us a little insight into how hard it must be. It’s a tough task to read his message without feeling some sort of pain or shedding a tear. 

It’s not surprising to see the 40-year old Spaniard still suffering from the death of Kobe as the two played together from 2008-2014 and won back-to-back championships in 2009 and 2010. The two were also great friends off of the court as well.

To honor Kobe as well as Gigi, Gasol and his wife Catherine named their newborn child Elisabet Gianna Gasol. They also chose Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant to be her godmother. Gasol has been a source of support for the Bryant family during their difficult time as they all tread uncharted waters together. 

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Adam Salcido

“That is the way this game is -- you win, you lose, you celebrate and you suffer.” -- Vin Scully
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