NBA News: League Releases Full Scrimmage Schedule, Lakers & Clippers Set

This morning the NBA released their scrimmage schedule for all returning teams before the restart of the 2019-20 season resumes. All games will be held at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL and some could even be broadcasted.

The LA Lakers have their first scrimmage game on July 23rd and the LA Clippers have theirs a day before on the 22nd.

Here is a list of each LA team’s scrimmage games:

LA Lakers
– 7/23/20 vs. Dallas Mavericks (7 p.m.)
– 7/25/20 vs. Orlando Magic (12 p.m.)
– 7/27/20 vs. Washington Wizards (3 p.m.)

LA Clippers
– 7/22/20 vs. Orlando Magic (3 p.m.)
– 7/25/20 vs. Washington Wizards (8 p.m.)
– 7/27/20 vs. Sacramento Kings (4 p.m.)

Both LA teams have 3 scrimmage games set before the official restart of the season and all games will be eastern time due to the fact that they will be playing in Orlando, FL. All teams will still follow safety measures when it comes to the coronavirus.

Each team will play 3 scrimmage games before playing an 8-game shortened season. After that, we jump into play-in tournaments for the final seeds of the postseason.

Both the Lakers and Clippers are seen as major contenders for the NBA title. The pause in play may or may not affect players, but only time will tell. Keep an eye out for potential surprises too.

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