Lakers News: Magic Johnson To Be Featured In Upcoming Documentary

We all knew it was coming… Lakers Legend Magic Johnson will be featured in a new upcoming documentary soon! Nice!

Brent Lang of Variety reports the project will be headed by XTR, H.Wood Media, NSV, and Delirio Films. The only issue, currently, is that there’s no director in place to take charge. Lang did, however, give a brief description of what to expect in the film:

“The filmmakers say they have been granted ‘unprecedented access’ to the Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, whose dominance on the court helped drive the Los Angeles Lakers to five championships. The film will also rely on archival footage of Johnson, as well as interviews with the superstar, his family, fellow NBA players and business leaders.”

The untitled documentary is supposed to drop sometime in 2021 and will showcase Magic’s “glory days” as a 5-time NBA champ into a successful businessman.

If you recall in an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier, Magic dropped a pretty good tease that a doc-series of his own is on the way…

Magic’s documentary will be pretty much like Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance, but of course, with a more Lakers feel to it. And how can I forget to mention the Kobe doc coming soon as well?

As a huge Laker fan, I’m super excited and already feel a tad spoiled that they are coming out with these new docs. We all know Kobe’s life, and we’ll all get a better look into Magic’s.

If you are unaware, which most of you arent, Magic has won 5 NBA titles with the Lakers, an Olympic gold medal, and has also founded and owns Magic Johnson Enterprises, which is an investment company worth an estimated $1 billion.

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