Former Angel Michael Lorenzen Throws No-Hitter Against Nationals

Phillies Pitcher Sets Record While Angels Maintain Long No-Hit Streak

In an extraordinary display of skill, former Los Angeles Angel and current Philadelphia Phillies right-handed pitcher Michael Lorenzen pitched a no-hitter on Wednesday night against the Washington Nationals. Lorenzen’s remarkable achievement unfolded over the course of nine innings, during which he threw an astounding 124 pitches and dealt with four walks. This exceptional performance marked Lorenzen’s first home game appearance with the Phillies, a debut that left an indelible first impression.

Beyond the awe-inspiring nature of Lorenzen’s no-hitter, this accomplishment holds a unique significance for his former team.

Lorenzen’s masterful display against the Nationals has etched his name in the annals of MLB history, as he becomes the first pitcher ever to achieve a no-hitter against this particular team.

Interestingly, this achievement reverberates beyond Lorenzen’s accomplishment and has implications for the current status of teams yet to be no-hit. As a result of Lorenzen’s feat, a new leader emerges in terms of the longest active no-hit streak among teams – the Los Angeles Angels.

With the Nationals being no-hit, the Angels now hold the distinction of having the longest active no-hit streak in the MLB, spanning an impressive 3,760 games. In contrast, the Nationals’ no-hit streak came to a close after 3,810 games.

Reflecting on the Angels’ remarkable achievement, their ongoing no-hit streak dates back nearly 24 years, with the last no-hitter against them occurring on September 11, 1999, when Eric Milton of the Minnesota Twins achieved the feat.

Remarkably, Michael Lorenzen’s impact continues to resonate even though he is no longer part of the Angels’ roster. His exceptional performance has not only made history but has also inadvertently played a role in the Angels’ enduring no-hit streak.

Congratulations to Michael Lorenzen for achieving this extraordinary feat, and a commendation to the Los Angeles Angels for maintaining an impressive active no-hit streak. This remarkable narrative is a testament to the indelible stories that unfold in the world of baseball.

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