Los Angeles Angels’ Struggles Continue with Freefall in MLB Power Rankings

Halos face challenges as they slide down the rankings after a losing streak.

The Los Angeles Angels are encountering a rough patch, and it has taken a toll on their performance. With six consecutive losses and eight out of the last ten games ending in defeat, the Halos are finding themselves on the edge of playoff contention. This decline is a significant setback for a team that was filled with optimism, especially after retaining Shohei Ohtani and making key additions at the trade deadline.

Rather than climbing up the wild card standings as hoped, the Angels are now facing the possibility of a lost season, which has caused a freefall in the latest MLB power rankings.

Bleacher Report’s Joel Reuter recently released his latest rankings, and the Halos suffered a drop from the 13th position to No. 18, reflecting their recent struggles. The Angels’ disappointing performance, including being swept by the Seattle Mariners, has had a direct impact on their standing in the league.

The Athletic’s list paints a similar picture, dropping the Angels four spots from No. 16 to No. 20. Writer Grant Brisbee highlighted the challenges faced by new acquisition Lucas Giolito, who currently holds a 12.00 ERA through his first two starts in red.

While patience is advocated concerning Giolito’s performance, the Angels need to turn things around promptly. After a trade deadline where they acquired Giolito and retained Ohtani, the Halos cannot afford to continue this losing streak, considering both the short and long-term outlook for the franchise.

Unfortunately, the Angels are perilously close to losing control of their season, which is a significant blow for a team that held unbridled optimism just two weeks ago. As they navigate this challenging period, all eyes will be on the Los Angeles Angels to see if they can rise to the occasion and regain their momentum in the league.

Gary Lee

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