Angels’ Randal Grichuk Chooses Legendary No. 15 Jersey, Fans Share Mixed Reactions

Grichuk Debuts with Historic Number, Tim Salmon's Thoughts Shared

The Angels made several moves during the trade deadline to strengthen their roster and make a push for a playoff spot. One of their notable acquisitions was Randal Grichuk, who arrived from the Colorado Rockies alongside C.J. Cron. Grichuk, a seasoned 32-year-old veteran, opted to wear the No. 15 jersey as he made his debut for the Halos – a number he had worn throughout his entire Major League career.

Angels fans were quick to notice the significance of the number, as No. 15 had not been seen on an Angels uniform since the legendary Tim Salmon sported it back in 2006. While some fans expressed their desire to see the number retired in honor of Salmon’s legacy, others were excited to witness some new highlights from the jersey.

Upon learning about the emergence of No. 15, The Orange County Register reached out to Tim Salmon for his thoughts. Salmon revealed that the organization had contacted him regarding the jersey choice, although he did not believe that his approval was necessary. Grichuk, showing great respect for the history of the number, would have waited to wear it until Salmon had given his blessing.

As a decade-long veteran, Grichuk aims to contribute to the Angels’ pursuit of a playoff spot – the team that originally drafted him. By donning the iconic No. 15, he seeks to channel some of the magic that surrounded the 2002 Angels, a memorable time for the franchise.

The decision to wear the historic No. 15 has stirred mixed reactions among fans, but Grichuk’s acknowledgment of the jersey’s significance and Salmon’s thoughts on the matter provide an interesting perspective on this unique jersey choice.

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