Lakers News: Watch LeBron James Discuss Playing While Hurt With Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes

The reigning Super Bowl MVP knows a thing or two about playing through an injury.

During your Los Angeles Lakers’ bonkers 27-point comeback victory over the Dallas Mavericks last Sunday, All-Star small forward LeBron James chatted up a very decorated courtside fan.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, hot off winning his second Super Bowl title and NFL MVP award, was in attendance at American Airlines Arena to take in the action.

At one point during the action, James made a crack to Mahomes about playing through an ankle injury.

“You not the only one playing with a fucked up ankle,” James told the reigning Super Bowl champ.

Mahomes, of course, incurred a right high ankle sprain while playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the team’s postseason march to Super Bowl glory. It ultimately didn’t impede him from victory, and invariably that is the hope for James.

It turns out James’ ailment may have been more severe than he let on to Mahomes that day. James put forth a Herculean effort to help LA secure a win, staying in the game even after appearing to exacerbate his own right foot tendon injury in the third quarter. 

Although it helped Los Angeles win the game, his decision to play through the pain may have cost James in the long run. The four-time NBA MVP has been ruled out for the next three weeks.

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