Dodgers News: Freddie Freeman Talks Adorable Relationship With Mookie Betts

The two veteran players have quickly become a formidable duo for the Dodgers.

Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts are two of the most talented players in the league. Although they played on different teams for the first part of their careers, they have joined forces and are now teammates in Los Angeles. After both players accumulated their respective MVP awards and World Series titles, they have quickly become a powerful duo in the game. 

Freeman joined the Dodgers just last season, while Betts was traded to LA from the Boston Red Sox in 2020. The two quickly struck up a friendship and have created a close bond as leaders of the team. Both players are dominant in their own ways. For one, Freeman led the team last season in doubles, on-base percentage, OPS, hits and RBIs. Betts added his own star power as he led the team in homers and in defensive categories.

Doug McKain of Dodgers Nation spoke with Freeman while at Camelback Ranch to gain insight on Freeman and Betts’ relationship:

“Yeah, it’s pretty special. It’s just, when you see people that have the same aspirations, not only in baseball but in life, that’s kind of why we hit it off. We’re just drawn to each other. Obviously a great baseball player — a great everything, sports-wise — but a wonderful human being, too. Four years here now, he’s really getting really comfortable here, and it’s going to be good for not only us but for the Dodger organization for a long time.”

Their relationship off the field clearly translates onto the field. Both players are comfortable with one another which allows them to communicate effectively throughout the season. 

The two veteran players have combined for some impressive plays, as their chemistry is evident in the way they play together. Their friendship off the field has undoubtedly contributed to their growth on the field, and it’s clear that they will continue to be a dynamic duo for the Dodgers this upcoming season.

As the Dodgers look to go after another World Series in 2023, Freeman and Betts will surely be at the center of their success. 

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