Los Angeles Kings Make Surprising Roster Move: Goalie David Rittich Waived

The Kings made an unexpected roster decision, and it could have significant consequences for their goaltending depth.

In a surprising turn of events, the Los Angeles Kings have made a significant change to their roster, leaving fans and analysts alike wondering about the implications for the upcoming season. On Tuesday morning, the team announced that goaltender David Rittich had been placed on waivers, raising questions about the Kings’ goaltending situation and their overall roster strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Los Angeles Kings have waived goaltender David Rittich, leaving them with uncertainty in the goaltending position.
  • The team may need to call up a replacement, with Jordan Spence or Arthur Kaliyev as potential options.
  • The move has potential consequences, as the Kings may be left with only two NHL-caliber goalies if Rittich doesn’t clear waivers.

This unexpected move has raised eyebrows among fans and experts, as it comes just a day before the team’s season opener. The decision to waive Rittich suggests that the Kings are making room for changes in their lineup, but it also leaves them with some immediate challenges.

One of the key questions surrounding this decision is whether or not David Rittich will clear waivers. If he doesn’t, the Kings could find themselves in a precarious situation, with only two NHL-caliber goalies on their roster. This lack of depth could prove costly in the event of an injury or a dip in form for one of the remaining goalies.

Even if Rittich does clear waivers, the Kings may still face challenges. If an injury occurs but doesn’t warrant placing a goalie on long-term injured reserve (LTIR), the team won’t have the flexibility to call up Rittich from the minors. This limitation could force the Kings to make do with their existing roster, potentially affecting their performance on the ice.

In the absence of Rittich, speculation arises about who will fill the void. Among the potential options are Jordan Spence and Arthur Kaliyev. Kaliyev’s inclusion in the roster could serve as an opportunity for him to serve suspensions during the first two games while adapting to a skater’s role.

As the Kings prepare for their season opener, the decision to waive David Rittich has added an element of unpredictability to their lineup. With potential changes on the horizon, including the possibility of a unique Andreas Englund-Tobias Bjornfot third pairing, Kings fans will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how these roster adjustments unfold.

In summary, the Los Angeles Kings’ surprising move of waiving goaltender David Rittich has cast a shadow of uncertainty over their goaltending depth and overall roster strategy. The team faces potential challenges, both in terms of roster flexibility and depth in the goaltending position, as they head into the new season. With important decisions looming, all eyes will be on the Kings as they navigate this unexpected turn of events.

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