Kings Shine in Preseason Matchup Against Sharks

Los Angeles Kings impress in NHL preseason game against San Jose Sharks

In a much-anticipated NHL preseason clash, the Los Angeles Kings went head-to-head with the San Jose Sharks, marking their first meeting since returning to Australia. This game provided valuable insights into the Kings’ potential for the upcoming season.

Kings’ Top 9 Shine Bright: One major source of optimism for the Kings this season is the formidable strength of their top nine players. In the game against the Sharks, these players showcased their skills, leaving a lasting impression. Seven out of the nine players notched a point, all boasting positive player ratings and maintaining control of the majority of possession.

Particularly noteworthy was the chemistry developing between Pierre-Luc Dubois and Kevin Fiala, with Dubois netting his first goal in a Kings jersey. Alex Laferriere, while not registering any points, demonstrated great compatibility with Fiala and Dubois. Laferriere’s ability to keep pace with these two stars is an encouraging sign.

Meanwhile, the Phil Danault line continued to exude its characteristic high-energy style, while the Kings’ top line, led by Anze Kopitar, maintained its dominance. If this performance is any indication, the Kings’ top nine is poised for a successful season ahead.

Trevor Moore’s Resurgence: Trevor Moore’s resurgence was a standout feature of the game. His performance suggested that he has fully recovered from the concussion issues that plagued him last season, revitalizing his presence on the ice. Moore exhibited speed, intensity, and underrated skill, making a significant impact against San Jose.

He further solidified his presence with his second preseason goal and a strong performance on the penalty kill. As Moore enters the first season of his contract extension, his strong showing is crucial for the Kings.

Clarke’s Mixed Showing: Brandt Clarke’s performance in the game was a mixed bag. While he displayed some commendable plays, particularly on the power play, he also made a few errors in his defensive zone. Clarke ended the game with no points and four penalty minutes, resulting in a fairly average performance.

While there’s no need for concern regarding Clarke’s abilities, Jordan Spence’s impressive preseason performances have put him in a favorable position to secure the third-pair spot if Clarke continues to deliver at this level. While one game alone won’t determine the opening night lineup, Spence has made a compelling case for himself.

Both players’ ability to move down without waivers gives the Kings flexibility in their lineup decisions. However, Spence appears to be a strong contender for the opening night spot on the right side.

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