NHL Suspends Los Angeles Kings’ Arthur Kaliyev for Four Games Over Controversial Hit

The NHL has handed down a four-game suspension to Arthur Kaliyev for his knee-on-knee collision with Chase De Leo.

In a surprising turn of events, the National Hockey League (NHL) has officially announced that Los Angeles Kings forward Arthur Kaliyev will face a substantial four-game suspension. The league’s decision revolves around a contentious play where Kaliyev made knee-to-knee contact with Anaheim Ducks forward Chase De Leo.

The NHL, in its announcement video, emphasized two crucial factors that influenced the suspension. Firstly, it was noted that Kaliyev deliberately extended his leg forward to ensure contact with De Leo. Secondly, the fact that De Leo sustained an injury as a result of the play played a significant role in this disciplinary action.

On the surface, this four-game suspension may seem somewhat excessive, especially considering that Kaliyev has no prior history of suspensions. While Kaliyev did receive a fine in 2022 for a cross-check, his track record generally does not suggest a pattern of dirty play.

However, one cannot help but wonder if the NHL took into account the two remaining preseason games when making the suspension decision. It is conceivable that the league’s officials believed that merely suspending Kaliyev for the remainder of the preseason would not suffice as a punishment. As a result, they may have deemed it necessary to extend the suspension into the regular season.

This move to impose a four-game suspension instead of the two to three games that most people expected might be attributed to this consideration. The league appears to be sending a clear message that player safety and the prevention of dangerous plays are paramount, regardless of a player’s prior record.

As the dust settles on this decision, speculation is rife among fans about who will fill the void left by Kaliyev in the Kings’ lineup. Many are eager to see young talent Alex Laferriere get an opportunity to play alongside Kevin Fiala and Pierre-Luc Dubois. This potential lineup change will undoubtedly be closely watched by fans and pundits alike as the Kings navigate through the opening games of the season without Kaliyev.

The NHL’s suspension of Arthur Kaliyev has sent shockwaves through the hockey community, sparking debates about player safety and the league’s commitment to maintaining fair play on the ice. The impact of this decision will undoubtedly be felt as the season unfolds, both for the Kings and the wider NHL.

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