Kings News: Former Kings HC Daryll Sutter Is Wrestlemania Ready

Even though most sporting events are postponed, there have been other ways that pro sports organizations have been keeping their fans happy and sane. Everything from showing games of past seasons to having simulated games played via video games, franchises have been coming through. By now we are all too familiar with having to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and sometimes our sanity levels can go and up and down. Some of us have fun with that, such as former Los Angeles Kings Head Coach Daryll Sutter.

As you can see from his Twitter post, Brett Sutter is all in for this weekends WWE Wrestlemania fun. From the looks of it, he was having a great time enjoying the WWE festivities from the comfort of his home. Rocking what appears to be a Rey Mysterio mask, and a few title belts, “Big D” was ready.

This years WWE Wrestlemania was split into 2 days and filmed on Orlando, Florida at WWE’s Performance Center with absolutely no crowd due to the states COVID-19 recommendations on events and gatherings. One can only wonder of Sutter dressed up like this for both days, but at least he’s having some fun and sharing the joy.

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