LA Galaxy News: Javier Chicharito Hernandez is Concerned About Proposed MLS Restart

LA Galaxy star Javier Hernandez is concerned about the proposed MLS tournament.

The tournament would take place in Orlando. All 26 MLS teams would train in Orlando. After they train, they will play a tournament with a minimum of five games played. The five games will be in-conference games, meaning LA Galaxy could vs. LAFC, but neither team will vs. Atlanta United FC.

According to The Athletic, the in-conference games will be four separate groups in each conference, and the tournament concludes with an eight-team knockout tournament formed of the top two teams in each group.

Before this tournament takes place, the players must sign the plan. Players have not signed the plan, and have about a hundred questions about the restart. Chicharito is one of those players wary of this proposal by the MLS. Chicharito, along with the other MLS players, will have to leave their families and home to participate in the tournament.

Chicharito’s wife is currently pregnant, as well as having a young son that needs to be taken care of and watched closely, as the son, Noah, is just ten months old.

Chicharito has a tough decision to make, as he recently signed with the LA Galaxy, and he is a huge part of the team as well. LA Galaxy fans would love to see Chicharito play in this tournament, but it ultimately comes down to what Chicharito decides to do. Whatever that decision is, Galaxy fans will stand with him.

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