Yankees Express Concerns About Cody Bellinger’s Performance as 2023 Comeback Player of the Year

After a remarkable resurgence with the Cubs, the New York Yankees are wary of Cody Bellinger's declining hard-hit rate.

In the world of Major League Baseball, blockbuster trades and free-agent acquisitions often make headlines. One such player who has been in the spotlight is former Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Cody Bellinger. The New York Yankees have shown consistent interest in him, but recent concerns have arisen regarding his performance, as reported by Jon Heyman of The New York Post.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cody Bellinger left the Los Angeles Dodgers in free agency after the 2022 season, seeking a fresh start with the Chicago Cubs. In a remarkable turn of events, he went on to win the 2023 Comeback Player of the Year award, showcasing his exceptional skills and resilience.
  • Bellinger’s 2023 season statistics demonstrated his resurgence, with an impressive slash line of .307/.356/.525, 26 home runs, 97 RBI, and 29 doubles. It was a testament to his ability to bounce back and make a significant impact on his new team.
  • Despite his remarkable comeback, concerns have arisen among the New York Yankees regarding Bellinger’s hard-hit rate, particularly for 4-seam fastballs. In 2019, when he earned the NL MVP title, his hard-hit rate for fastballs stood at an impressive 50.6 percent. However, in 2023, that figure dropped to a concerning 33.3 percent.

Cody Bellinger’s journey through the baseball world has been nothing short of remarkable. After facing injury setbacks, including a dislocated shoulder during the 2020 NLCS celebration, he made a triumphant return to the game. While questions linger about the state of his shoulder, his on-field performance in 2023 leaves no doubt that he is back in top form and ready to make a significant contribution to any team in the upcoming season.

It remains to be seen whether the New York Yankees will continue to pursue Bellinger despite their concerns, but one thing is clear: Cody Bellinger’s talent and determination make him a player to watch as the baseball offseason unfolds.

Gary Lee

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