Will Cody Bellinger Make a Dramatic Return to the Dodgers This Offseason?

The former Dodgers outfielder's potential reunion with the team sparks speculation.

In the ever-exciting world of MLB offseason, where rumors swirl like autumn leaves in the wind, the Los Angeles Dodgers have found themselves at the center of speculation once again. While some of these rumors may not hold much water, one name that has been making waves is that of former Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger, and his potential return to the team this offseason.

Bellinger’s journey took an unexpected turn when he ventured away from LA for a season, revitalizing his career with the Chicago Cubs. In his impressive tenure with the Cubs, he boasted a batting average of .307, slammed 26 home runs, and drove in 97 runs, earning him the well-deserved title of the National League Comeback Player of the Year. His contributions were instrumental in Chicago’s success during the past year.

Despite the renewed vigor in Bellinger’s game, the likelihood of his homecoming to the Dodgers remains uncertain. However, his agent, the renowned Scott Boras, hasn’t ruled out the possibility. When asked about the potential return of Bellinger to Los Angeles, Boras didn’t evade the question, leaving the door slightly ajar for speculation.

“Our position on that is that Cody’s told me to look at the full gamut of the major leagues. Listen to everybody and he’ll make his decision from there.”

Per Scott Boras

The prospect of Bellinger reuniting with the Dodgers is intriguing, given that LA appeared willing to part ways with him just last offseason. His resurgence with the Cubs raises questions about whether he would consider returning to the place where he lost his form.

Adding another layer of complexity to this narrative is Boras himself, who had his share of headlines during the past season. His reputation as a tough negotiator and the Dodgers’ historic reluctance to deal with him except when necessary make this potential reunion all the more intriguing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cody Bellinger’s exceptional season with the Chicago Cubs earned him the National League Comeback Player of the Year award.
  • Despite rumors, the likelihood of Bellinger returning to the Dodgers remains uncertain, with his agent Scott Boras leaving the door open for speculation.
  • The potential reunion is complicated by Bellinger’s resurgence, contrasting with the Dodgers’ apparent willingness to move on last offseason, and Boras’s reputation as a tough negotiator.

As the MLB offseason unfolds, the question lingers: Should the Dodgers consider reuniting with Cody Bellinger this winter? The answer to this intriguing question may shape the team’s direction in the upcoming season. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned as the offseason drama continues to unfold.

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