Max Muncy’s Future with the Dodgers: A Bargain Worth Keeping

After a strong 2023 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers face a crucial decision on Max Muncy's future.

In the past few years, Max Muncy has been a consistent powerhouse for the Los Angeles Dodgers, contributing significantly to the team’s success. His no-nonsense approach and remarkable offensive capabilities have played pivotal roles in securing victories for the team. Now, after an impressive resurgence in the 2023 regular season, the Dodgers are confronted with a crucial decision regarding Muncy’s future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Muncy’s $14 million option should be a no-brainer for the Dodgers to pick up, given his impressive performance in the 2023 regular season.
  • Despite a lower batting average, Muncy’s 36 home runs ranked second on the Dodgers, showcasing his ability to generate power and create scoring opportunities.
  • While his defensive skills may not be as strong as they were at first base, Muncy’s offensive prowess and affordable price tag make him an attractive option for the team.

Max Muncy’s offensive contributions in the 2023 regular season underscore his value to the Dodgers. Despite a batting average that might not turn heads, Muncy’s 36 home runs stood out, making him the second-most prolific home run hitter on the team, trailing only Mookie Betts, who recorded 39 home runs. What sets Muncy apart is his keen eye for the strike zone, consistently drawing walks. This skill aligns perfectly with the Dodgers’ strategy, as they highly value walks to create scoring opportunities. In this regard, Muncy is one of the team’s best assets.

Last year, the Dodgers added Freddie Freeman to their roster, a move that displaced Muncy from his primary position at first base, where he had excelled. However, Muncy’s versatility allows him to adapt to different positions, albeit not with the same level of proficiency as he displayed at first.

Unfortunately, Muncy’s defensive performance at third base has been less than stellar. His struggles with backhand plays and occasional rushed throws have resulted in numerous errors. This has left some Dodger fans longing for a more defensively sound third baseman.

“Look for the Dodgers to pick up Muncy’s option after the infielder slugged 36 homers with 105 RBIs and an .808 OPS over 135 games in 2023. The 33-year-old doesn’t hit for average, but he walks a ton and has reached the 35-homer mark in four of the past five full seasons.”


Nonetheless, the key factor in this decision is the financial aspect. At $14 million, Muncy’s contract is undeniably a bargain, which aligns with Andrew Friedman’s penchant for securing cost-effective talent. Given his offensive capabilities and affordability, retaining Max Muncy seems like a prudent move for the Los Angeles Dodgers as they look to build a winning roster for the future.

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