Dodgers’ World Series Hopes Diminish After NLDS Stumbles

Back-to-back losses to the Diamondbacks in the NLDS have drastically reduced the Dodgers' chances of a World Series victory.

In a stunning turn of events, the Los Angeles Dodgers have seen their World Series aspirations take a significant hit after back-to-back losses against the Diamondbacks in the National League Division Series (NLDS). With an 11-2 loss in Game 1 and a 4-2 loss in Game 2, the Dodgers have fallen to the second-lowest odds among the remaining postseason teams, according to FanDuel, leaving their championship dreams hanging by a thread.

Key Takeaways:

  • After their NLDS losses, the Dodgers’ odds of winning the World Series have plummeted to +1900, now the second-lowest among postseason contenders.
  • The Atlanta Braves currently lead the pack with +270 odds to win it all.
  • The Texas Rangers, surprisingly, have risen to +380 odds after a strong start in their postseason campaign.

The Dodgers entered the postseason as strong contenders with the second-best odds to win the World Series, trailing only the Atlanta Braves, who were listed at +440. However, the narrative quickly changed after their first loss, which pushed their odds to +700. Now, with consecutive defeats to the Diamondbacks, the sportsbooks have lost faith in Los Angeles.

Currently, the Atlanta Braves are the favorites to take home the World Series trophy with +270 odds. The Texas Rangers, once considered underdogs, have surged to +380 odds and appear confident in their journey to the American League Championship Series (ALCS). The Rangers are currently leading their series against the Baltimore Orioles 2-0, heading back to Arlington for Game 3, where they aim to seal their spot in the next round.

It’s a different story for the Dodgers, who now find themselves needing nothing short of a miraculous comeback to keep their hopes alive for a World Series run. With odds that have dropped significantly since the start of the NLDS, the road ahead looks challenging, and they’ll have to pull off something extraordinary to secure a spot in the Fall Classic.

Gary Lee

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