LA Dodgers Annual Team Dress Up Day: Creative Costumes in Colorado Rockies Game

Dodgers Annual Team Dress Up Day in Colorado Rockies Game

In a much-anticipated event, the LA Dodgers celebrated their annual team dress-up day during a game against the Colorado Rockies. While the Dodgers faced a blowout loss on the field, the atmosphere was still filled with smiles and excitement, especially from Coach Prime Roberts.

The Dodgers’ coaching staff, for the most part, embraced the Colorado University theme, standing in unity with Dave Roberts. However, this year’s creativity, while enjoyable, didn’t quite reach the exceptional levels of previous years.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout costumes worn by the LA Dodgers:

  • Lance Lynn, who took on the persona of Zack Galifianakis’s character from the hit movie “The Hangover,” drew plenty of attention.
  • Juan Dorado, the Team PR guy, opted for a Pikachu onesie, adding a touch of whimsy to the day.
  • Shelby Miller transformed into the “Tiger King,” capturing the essence of the popular documentary series.
  • Kiké Hernandez portrayed “Ken” from “The Barbie Movie,” displaying his versatility and sense of humor.
  • Brusdar Graterol embodied WWE’s iconic character, The Undertaker, with an imposing presence.
  • Ryan Pepiot humorously dressed as Austin Powers, bringing the iconic character to life.

Notably, the training staff garnered online favoritism with their Rob and Big costumes, and a group of Dodgers veterans paid tribute to Freddie Freeman with a hilarious ensemble as wacky arm-flailing inflatable tube men, along with performing “The Freddie” dance.

Rookie James Outman, an avid fan of Game of Thrones, chose to dress as Jon Snow, a character from his favorite show. This choice added a personal touch to the day’s festivities.

The Dodgers’ annual dress-up day is always a highlight, offering fans a glimpse of their favorite players and coaches in a light-hearted and entertaining atmosphere. Despite the outcome of the game, the team’s spirit and camaraderie were on full display, making it a memorable event for Dodgers fans and players alike.

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