Dodgers’ Pitching Woes: Buehler and Urias Out for Playoffs

Injuries and domestic violence case leave Dodgers' rotation in turmoil

The Los Angeles Dodgers were hit with a major setback last week, with the announcement that star pitcher Walker Buehler would be sidelined for the entire season. This news came hot on the heels of another blow as Julio Urias was placed on the administrative list due to his involvement in a domestic violence case. With the playoffs approaching, the Dodgers find themselves grappling with a pitching crisis, and the burden of their postseason success now rests on a mix of seasoned veterans and first-year players.

Among the veterans who will take the mound for the Dodgers in October is Lance Lynn, who recently emphasized the importance of himself and Clayton Kershaw in the postseason during an interview with the Foul Territory podcast. However, Lynn and Kershaw, despite their experience, are currently facing their own struggles.

“When you look at Buehler and Urias not being there in the playoffs, if they were, that would be an enormous boost for a team,” said Lynn. “And when it comes down to it, we got to be better, (Clayton) Kershaw and I got to be on our game.”

Via Foul Territory Podcast

In his most recent start, Lynn gave up his 40th home run of the season, making him the league leader in this unwanted category. Meanwhile, Clayton Kershaw has not returned to his peak form since coming back from the injured list, with his fastball consistently clocking in at less than 89 mph in his last outing.

To fill the remaining spots in the rotation, the Dodgers are turning to rookies. One of these promising newcomers is Bobby Miller, who has earned his place in the postseason plans. Another rising star is Ryan Pepiot, who showcased his skills with a dominant performance against Miami. Additionally, Emmet Sheehan is also in contention to make an impact on the pitching staff.

“But when it comes down to it, we’ve got some young guys [performing well]. (Ryan Pepiot) threw the ball well last night in Miami obviously,” said Lynn. “And then you’re seeing what what Bobby Miller can become right before your eyes as a rookie, getting confidence, his stuff’s electric and the more and more pitches, the better he’s gonna be.”

Via Foul Territory Podcast

Despite the reliance on rookies for a significant portion of the postseason innings, Lance Lynn expresses unwavering confidence in their abilities. In the face of the numerous uncertainties surrounding the Dodgers as they head into this year’s playoffs, Lynn maintains a strong belief that his team still possesses a genuine chance to capture the World Series title.

“If we go into the playoffs with a version of that, with some other of these guys that can throw some bulk innings and just to make sure we don’t overuse the one inning guys. I think we got a real good chance.

Via Foul Territory Podcast

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