Clayton Kershaw’s Start Delayed as Dodgers Aim to Restore Ace’s Form

Injury Concerns and Mechanical Woes Lead to Unusual Move

In a surprising development, the Los Angeles Dodgers have made the decision to delay Clayton Kershaw’s upcoming start until Saturday, a move that comes after his originally scheduled start was already shifted from Monday to Friday. This unexpected decision has raised eyebrows among fans and pundits alike, prompting speculation about the reasons behind it.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was quick to clarify that this delay has nothing to do with Kershaw’s injury, seeking to put any concerns to rest. However, recent performances by Kershaw have not gone unnoticed. In his last three starts, Kershaw has faced significant struggles on the mound. His once-formidable velocity has dipped to a concerning 88 mph, and his pinpoint command has been notably inconsistent. Even more concerning, both his slider and curveball have lacked their usual sharp break.

Despite these setbacks, Kershaw’s experience, spanning 16 years in the league, has allowed him to navigate through these worrisome starts without allowing an abundance of runs. Nevertheless, the Dodgers are acutely aware of the pivotal role Kershaw plays in their lineup, especially as they gear up for the playoffs where they will heavily rely on him to be their ace.

Dodger pitching coach Mark Prior shed light on the situation by revealing that Kershaw is grappling with a mechanical issue in his delivery. To address this problem, Kershaw has scheduled an aggressive bullpen session for Tuesday, hoping to fine-tune his mechanics and regain his top form. The Dodgers are optimistic that this session will help iron out the kinks that have plagued Kershaw’s recent outings.

During his time off the mound, Kershaw is working closely with the training staff to enhance his physical condition. The goal is to strengthen his body, which should, in turn, enable him to exercise better control over his pitches. With increased strength, Kershaw aims to regain the velocity that has eluded him recently, making it more challenging for opposing hitters to decipher the types of pitches he delivers.

“I just talked to him early today and he said he feels really good, the arm’s working well,” Roberts said. “For me, I feel better about Clayton than I did yesterday and better than I did two days ago.”

Via Orange County Register

For the past 15 seasons, the Dodgers have leaned on Clayton Kershaw for success, and this year is no different. As they approach the playoffs, they are hoping that Kershaw can once again summon his magic in October, despite the current challenges he faces. This unexpected delay in his start is a clear indication of the Dodgers’ commitment to ensuring their star pitcher is in the best possible condition for the crucial postseason ahead.

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