Bobby Miller’s Rising Star: A Key Player in Dodgers’ Postseason Rotation

Bobby Miller's Rookie Brilliance Puts Him at the Center of Dodgers' Playoff Conversation

Over the course of his debut season, Bobby Miller has emerged as one of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ most dependable starting pitchers. His rapid growth and maturation throughout the campaign have underscored a clear message: Bobby Miller deserves a spot in the postseason starting rotation.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts recently weighed in on the rookie’s postseason prospects, stopping just short of making it official but leaving no doubt about Miller’s status.

“He’s put himself right there, in front of the conversation, as far as starting a playoff game. He’s earning it,” Roberts emphasized.

One standout achievement that solidifies Miller’s case is his unique ability to beat the Atlanta Braves twice in the 2023 season, a feat no other Dodger starter accomplished.

Throughout his rookie journey, Miller has not only developed into a more polished pitcher but also grown as an individual. There were moments of adversity, as seen in his start against the San Francisco Giants, where he struggled to control the game and his emotions, resulting in one of the toughest games in his early career. However, following that challenging outing, Miller has rebounded impressively.

Post-All-Star break, Miller’s performance has been nothing short of outstanding. He strategically increased the use of his off-speed pitches, making his fastball even more effective. His newfound control has been a game-changer, and his confidence in facing major league batters has led him to consistently attack the strike zone. With an impressive record of 9 wins and 3 losses, Miller boasts an ERA of 3.80.

While Clayton Kershaw remains a postseason option if he regains full health, his recent outing against the Marlins raised concerns due to a noticeable dip in velocity, marking a career low. Despite this hiccup, Kershaw has delivered an outstanding performance throughout the year.

Unfortunately, Julio Urias’s season was cut short due to administrative leave following his arrest, leaving a significant void in the Dodgers’ rotation.

Lance Lynn, on the other hand, has shown vulnerability to home runs in recent games, with an ERA exceeding 10 in his last three outings. While Roberts and the Dodgers downplay concerns, this alarming trend cannot be ignored.

The bottom line is clear: Bobby Miller isn’t just earning his spot in the rotation; he’s become an indispensable asset to the Dodgers, a potential game-changer in their quest for postseason success.

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