Dodgers Face Tough Times Against Braves and Marlins, Manager Stays Optimistic

Dave Roberts Believes Dodgers Will Bounce Back Despite Recent Struggles

The Los Angeles Dodgers have encountered a challenging phase since their series against the Atlanta Braves. Following a disappointing series loss to the Braves, the team has stumbled in the first two games against the Miami Marlins in an embarrassing manner.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, however, does not view this series as a letdown. He acknowledges that every baseball team experiences both highs and lows. In August, the Dodgers appeared nearly unbeatable, but now they find themselves in a cold spell. Despite their recent struggles, it’s essential to remember that the Dodgers are a top-tier team in baseball, and this challenging period is likely to be temporary.

Throughout the grueling 162-game season, baseball teams often face offensive and pitching slumps, and regrettably, the Dodgers are currently grappling with both. Neither Clayton Kershaw nor Lance Lynn exhibited strong command in the first two games against the Miami Marlins. It’s worth noting that the Marlins are fighting tooth and nail for a coveted playoff berth, making these games even more crucial for them than for the Dodgers.

“I don’t think there’s a letdown,” Roberts said. “I think there was a really good series with the Braves, and they won three of four. But these guys (the Marlins) are fighting for their lives right now. You see that energy. But I don’t think that’s a letdown. I thought we were in control until we weren’t. I don’t think it’s a letdown.”

While it might not be time for Dodgers fans to hit the panic button just yet, there’s a collective hope that the team will awaken from its current slumber as the postseason draws nearer. Despite the recent setbacks, Dave Roberts remains resolute in his belief that the Dodgers will soon rediscover their winning form.

Gary Lee

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