Clayton Kershaw’s Shoulder Injury Raises Concerns for Dodgers’ Playoff Hopes

The Dodgers face uncertainty as star pitcher Clayton Kershaw's shoulder injury affects his performance.

In a crucial turn of events for the Los Angeles Dodgers, left-handed pitcher Clayton Kershaw finds himself battling an unsettling shoulder injury that could jeopardize the team’s playoff aspirations. Kershaw, a steadfast presence on the mound all season, now faces uncertainty regarding his performance, and the Dodgers are left pondering their next moves.

While the Dodgers are gearing up for the impending playoffs, Kershaw’s shoulder injury looms as a formidable obstacle. Previously sidelined due to this nagging injury earlier in the season, Kershaw’s recent outings have hinted at a problem far from being resolved. The left-hander’s struggles were evident during a clash with the Miami Marlins on Tuesday, as he labored through five innings, surrendering three runs. While not the worst performance, an unsettling change was palpable. Kershaw’s once-reliable velocity had diminished, and his pitch placement faltered.

“He’s going to keep going. He’s going to keep going until he can’t,” Roberts said. “If he is able to take the baseball, he’s going to take the baseball. This has nothing to do with where the rotation’s at, who’s available, who’s not. It’s about Clayton taking the baseball for us and us managing each game he throws.”

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Manager Dave Roberts addressed Kershaw’s situation post-game but made it clear that shutting down the seasoned pitcher isn’t on the immediate agenda. The Dodgers, with their eyes set on playoff glory, cannot afford to lose a cornerstone like Kershaw at this crucial juncture. Nevertheless, it might be prudent to grant him a brief respite. The impending playoffs demand a healthy and formidable Kershaw; otherwise, the team’s prospects could take a dire hit.

“I think so. I think it’s just that last bit of finish on whether it be the slider, the curveball that might not be as sharp,” Roberts said regarding if the injury is affecting him. “The slider that might not get the depth that we’re used to or the fastball commanding that last bit. I think that’s part of it. It’s one of those things where – this is where we’re at. Obviously, it’s not ideal for him. But we’re going to make the most of it.”

Throughout the season, Clayton Kershaw has been a paragon of consistency, boasting an impressive 2.61 ERA over 21 starts. His contributions on the mound have been invaluable, making his current injury a cause for legitimate concern. Despite Kershaw’s post-game assurance of being fine, the numbers on the scoreboard paint a different story. While the return of Walker Buehler offers some solace to the Dodgers, Kershaw’s presence remains irreplaceable. The Dodgers’ hopes are intimately tied to their long-standing ace, and the unfolding scenario will certainly demand close observation.

“I feel fine. I feel fine. That’s not the problem. I feel fine,” he said to one direct question about the condition of his shoulder.

Per The OC Register

As the regular season inches toward its culmination and the playoffs draw near, the fate of Clayton Kershaw’s shoulder and its implications for the Dodgers’ playoff journey remain shrouded in uncertainty. The Dodgers’ management, players, and fans are holding their breath, hoping for a swift recovery for the star pitcher, and ultimately, a triumphant postseason campaign.

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