Dodgers’ Walker Buehler Makes Promising Comeback with New Delivery

All-Star Pitcher Returns Strong After Rehab, Debuts Quick Windup

Dodgers All-Star right-hander Walker Buehler is making an exciting return to the pitching mound, showing off his skills against live batters in real games. Buehler’s remarkable comeback is gaining attention as he exhibits a new pitching delivery and a faster windup.

After recovering from his second Tommy John Surgery last year, Buehler is currently in the midst of his rehabilitation assignment. He recently pitched two perfect innings on Sunday, catching the eyes of fans who noticed his newly adopted windup and delivery. The revamped delivery seems to stem from Buehler’s thorough analysis of his mechanics and is also influenced by the pressure of the new pitch clock he now faces. This updated delivery is notably quicker and significantly shorter than his previous windup.

Questions had arisen about Buehler’s ability to regain his pitching velocity following his surgery, alongside his recovery teammate Blake Treinen. However, Buehler’s performance suggests he hasn’t lost his edge. In the 2022 season, Buehler’s 4-seam fastball maintained an average speed of 95.2 mph. Although the average fastball speed of 94.4 mph he displayed recently is slightly lower, it’s essential to acknowledge that when Buehler debuted with the Dodgers in 2017, his 4-seam fastball averaged an impressive 98.2 mph. Thus, the slight reduction in speed could be anticipated.

During his recent outing, Buehler delivered a solid two innings. Both Buehler and his manager Dave Roberts have high expectations for his return to a “starters workload.” This indicates that any potential call-up to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ roster would come after Buehler proves his capability to pitch comfortably for 4-5 innings.

Buehler’s return would undoubtedly bolster the team, especially considering the circumstances surrounding his fellow teammate Julio Urias, who might be sidelined due to administrative leave during an ongoing MLB investigation into domestic violence charges. Additionally, Lance Lynn, acquired during the trade deadline, struggled against a potential postseason opponent, the Atlanta Braves.

A potential return by Buehler this year is a cause for celebration, and it would be even more significant if he could contribute to the team’s success in October’s baseball games.

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